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With the new year upon us, it's time to upgrade our homes - without the stress of overspending our budget. Which type of desk lamp lighting is right for you? We're not in the habit of getting excited about lamps, but after a week with the thoughtfully-designed TaoTronics desk lamp, we're genuinely enamored. It's got the razor sharp color index, touch sensor controls, and dual LED diodes, but in a more compact frame.

Selected by professionals that offer more than a decade of experience in lighting the physical space, light&you brings to you the latest trends, technology and treatment for your space. Furthermore, this desk lamp produces pleasant brightness on the eyes with flicker-free lighting for reading, working and studying.

Often, that means having a comfortable desk and chair, but proper task lighting is just as important as quality furniture. For drafting tables, a clip-on contemporary desk lamp is lightweight and versatile. The product comes with 12 months warranty and is suitable for the standard E26 base tubular light bulb.

Some models of desk lamps have a special clip to set such lamp not only on the table but on any other suitable surface. You do not need any skills, as the only thing you will be adjusting is brightness and color of light. 11. A pup-shaped, dimmable touch lamp for a light source that's also the goodest boy.

(These claims remain controversial: The clinically depressed shouldn't use these lamps unsupervised, warns Michael Terman, director of the Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms at Columbia University Medical Center, although he thinks the side-effect risk is minimal for those with mild mood disturbances.”) But it's not all about happy” either.

Although humans have evolved over millennia to sleep when it's dark and wake when it's bright, this fact can be easy to forget when hunched over our glaring desk lamps and iPhone screens at all sorts of sun-defying hours. Cast a glow on your unique style with a simple home decor update using a table lamp base and shade together, perfectly sized to sit on a tabletop.

CUSTOMIZABLE LIGHTING: Set up a comfortable workspace with natural lighting that won't strain your eyes or create a glare on computer screens. A nice little bonus with the OxyLED Q3 Desk Lamp is that it's portable. Stunning in both form and function, this LED desk lamp from the Jake Dyson collection is reminiscent of drawing boards and construction cranes and allows for smooth, easy adjusting.

LED lights can be directed, too, which often eliminates the need for a lamp shade with contemporary desk lamps. These lamps provide cool, high-contrasting light that's ideal for task lighting. LED is now coming to market designed to disperse light better than best desk lamp london down lights.

If you would like more of a traditional look in your desk lamp rather than the newer LED bar light designs, the Malvern 20-inch Desk Lamp is a stylish choice. Clamp on desk lamps are a great option for those working who need high-quality illumination, but are working with limited desk space.

This thoroughly modern statement lamp is available in uber-trendy copper or chrome, and offers some serious style wattage with its distinctive cutouts, light-refracting interior beads, and reflective finish. You're also spared from maintenance stress with the longevity of the LED bulbs lifespan.

Of desk lamps at. Ren. It is conveniently lightweight, the lamp stands to be 14-inch in height, with a round base that measures almost a 5-inch diameter. Easy Touch-Sensitive Manipulate: Controls over power, lightness, color temperature, sleep are all done button-free on the touch-sensitive panel.

You have much better LEDs and electronics - you can instantly tell the Lumiy is much brighter in a side by side comparison, and having more robust electronics mean that you are going to get a better lifespan on the lamp (one good quality $100 dollar lamp for 20 years is better than 10 cheap $50 dollar lamps over the same period).

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